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Phenomen of Armani

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Recently, the famous Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani celebrated the 40-year anniversary of his artistic career in the fashion field. What makes the meters to be reclaiming the world of fashion designer for several decades and that the new Armani brought that change our attitude to fashion !!!

1. Men’s Suit

Armani started his career in the studio of Nino Cerruti, where he learned the skill of ingenious tailoring men’s suits. Armani made the traditional Italian suit more lighter, brighter and more modern, which could not enjoy the Italian dandies. Soon, a simple suit has become a legendary power suit, who wanted to wear all men without exception. Classic without heaviness and sadness, luxury without extravagance - that’s the main principles of fashion. Comfort and elegance, restraint and conservatism - Armani knew that people need and skill is demonstrated in every collection.

2. Women’s Collection

Even the female part of humanity, he does not leave without jackets and suits spacious cut. Brilliant coats it now connects with spacious pants, adding a variety of hats and silk scarves. The flowing lines of Armani models brought to perfection, smooth out any imperfections of the female figure. In 1975 it was released the first spring-summer collection of women’s clothing Giorgio Armani Borgonuovo 21. It was a real event for the fashion industry. Giorgio Armani used the dense tissue of fine men’s women’s business suits, from which removed all the unnecessary details in accordance with its credo of “Simplicity and nothing more!”.

3.Nominal restaurant

A warm welcome, quality ingredients, lights fantastic environment and a love of gourmet food - this is not a complete list of define that characterize the designer restaurants. Armani opened his first restaurant in 1989. Since then, his place know are popular all over the world: from the Milan and Paris ending with New York and Tokyo. The main kitchen in restaurants - an Italian. In his refined dishes using high-quality, local ingredients in the feed - simplicity prevails. It is impossible not to recall the cooperation c Nobu Milano, where the original fuse Japanese and South American cuisine. The restaurant’s interior is filled with notes East. New sushi bar is decorated with metallic panels, champagne color, the decor is dominated by orange and brown shades. On two floors of the restaurant can accommodate up to 230 guests.

4. Decor meters from the fashion

Armani / Casa (brand furniture and interior) for over a decade is a world leader in the sector of luxury furniture. Since 2003, Armani / home interior provides a full interior design services for individuals and developers. And truth be told, does it very efficiently and stylishly. Work studio includes the development of creative solutions - under the artistic direction of Giorgio Armani, who picks up the materials, made individual design, which would be ideal to integrate into cultural, aesthetic and functional concept interior. Design of apartments and houses is different minimalism, simplicity, versatility and charm. Even in the interior of Armani does not depart from the principle of comfort and classic style, adding a contemporary look. In these rooms is not just beautiful, but also very comfortable to live. In general, the interiors are in pastel colors with dark oak flooring and metal decor. Such orders are produced around the world, in addition, there is an online store where you can order designer furniture.

5. Armani Prive

In its 70-year anniversary Armani celebrated on a large scale: has launched a collection of haute couture Armani Prive. Sophisticated evening gowns, fabulous beadwork, appliqué with organza and massive decorations - all this has found an echo in the fashion industry. These outfits adorn the celebrities who boldly show on the red carpet. The latest collection can be called a masterpiece of art fashion. Made in the Asian style, it conveys the state of nature different from of a fine, sunny day to the dark, starry night. Painted watercolor bamboo jacket and skirt of organza and silk are introduced into a relaxed, meditative state. Amazing feature of the collection is that despite the obvious Asian theme of this part of the world does not look like nothing but drawing on the fabric and decor podium metal trunks of bamboo trees. Notable parts of the collection are jewelry - an incredible large earrings made of transparent glass, glass-like charming bamboo stems and oval clutches of glass - a kind of hint of bamboo theme of the collection.

Your searchlight of fashion Masha Sergeeva!

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