» I love my job!

I love my job!

7-06-2015, 16:30

The happiness of human depends on whether we dare to devote his life to realize their talents and dreams come true. Many factors interfere to achieve the desired: lack of time, the problems in his personal life and other external factors. What stops us on the way to the inner calling and harmony?

Once met his aunt (I have with it a slight difference in age, so we, as a friend), I immediately recognized it - how it has changed dramatically. She glowed with joy on his face blush graced her no worse glittering necklaces and earrings. At first I thought she just fell in love. However, the cause of reincarnation and inhospitable sad girl was quite different. It turns out that after a hard everyday life in high office in an expensive office she decided to radically change the type of activity. Recently, she began to sell online handmade jewelry. According to her, it is not only a pleasant experience, but also quite profitable. After such a metamorphosis, I think about whether we are doing that is expensive to our heart.

Value of expression is the recognition for themselves and others the right to live consciously and with pleasure, without clogging your head about someone else's opinion of himself. You are guided first and foremost on their own feelings and intuition. Survival, on the contrary, is the tension and the need to constantly be on guard not to get ahead of competitors in the career ladder. This group of values is not only the desire to provide themselves with shelter and food, but also the need to constantly prove others to be successful. Looking at yourself and western neighbors, who literally love their work, involuntarily come to this conclusion. Not life circumstances compel us to choose an occupation contrary to our desires. Often, self-expression is not considered a priority and pushed into the background. A much more important role in our picture of the world play concepts such as status and prestige. Failure to some attributes of success makes us feel inferior.

A man sacrifices his own interests and aspirations for the prospects and guarantees, and ultimately realizes that the internal disharmony no longer achieve encouraging. In addition, such pragmatism is aimed at its own benefit and does not take into account the interests of others. It gives a precise definition of calling the Indian wisdom: the appointment of a person is that she was willing to unselfishly and gladly do good to others. 

In a world that is constantly changing, becoming more meaningless attempt to predict what will be a valuable and prestigious ten years. However, our talents and interests are always "us", and their realization brings us true happiness. So why not listen to the inner voice that whispers insistently best solution.After all these reflections, I wondered why I chose the journalistic profession? After all, the work of the journalist, with its constant tension and irregular working hours is very difficult and requires total commitment. And a minute later realized that maybe my stories, articles, interviews, which I spent so much time and effort really need my reader, it is waiting for them. I want people to be desired - this is what brings me pleasure and happiness.

All: T-shirt, short, clutch, sandals – Zara, bracelets Parfois, sunglasses Benetton.

Your searchlight of fashion Masha Sergeeva!

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